All our classes run for 45 minutes each and for a duration of 6 weeks.  Total course fees of £80.00 are required, payable in advance, to secure a space on any course as we always get booked up in advance. To apply for a space please click here to download and complete our registration form 

PUPPY SOCIALISATION CLASSES (for puppies under 6 months old at the start of the course)
Monday 19th September '22 - 6.30pm - SPACES AVAILABLE - last few spaces available, book now to avoid disappointment

It is NEVER to early to start training and socialising your puppy. Until vaccinated, your puppy can be trained in your home, and in your arms when you are out and about in the big wide world. Puppies learn incredibly quickly and these classes are designed to allow them to build confidence and social skills with adults, children and other puppies in a controlled environment as well as learning all the basics of training. Puppyhood is the most important stage of your dog’s life, so if you are lucky enough to have your dog from a puppy, investing your time at this stage of their life is invaluable. There is no turning the clock back! Puppies should be 16 weeks old or less to join the Puppy Socialisation Play School – however the earlier the better!

Planning ahead and booking a place on the course before you bring him or her home will mean that you can start your puppies training off as soon as your vet allows after vaccination. Additionally, once you have booked onto the course, we will send you some pre-class training and socialisation information so you can get started in the right direction before you even arrive! Class numbers are restricted but we encourage families to come along - so children of school age and above are welcome! Our puppy classes are designed to achieve the following:
  • To teach your puppy bite inhibition (the most important thing you can ever teach your dog)
  • To socialise your puppy to different people (particularly children)
  • To socialise your puppy to other puppies
  • To have your puppy accept and enjoy being handled by different people, particularly children and veterinarians
  • To teach basic exercises including:Coming when called,Sit/Down/Stand,Walking on a loose leading,Off/Leave it,Stop play biting,Greet people without jumping,...and to have FUN

    Puppies will be allowed to play and socialise with the other puppies in class in a safe, monitored and controlled environment ensuring that your puppy learns the correct play and social skills, does not get scared, and does not learn to be a play bully.

NOVICE COURSE (no age limit)
Monday 19th September '22 - 6.30pm - SPACES AVAILABLE

These classes are designed for dogs with little or no prior training. The course teaches good manners to dogs of all sizes and ages and is particularly useful for adolescent dogs and rescues. Exercises taught include:· Come when called· Sit, Down, Stand, Walking on a loose leading without pulling, No jumping, Off/Leave it/Take itnicely!

Beginners - 6.30pm
Advanced - 7.30pm

Monday 19th September '22 - 6.30pm - FULLY BOOKED
Monday 19th September '22 - 7.30pm - FULLY BOOKED

This course runs every term to customers who have already completed our Novice course or a similar training class, as there is a waiting list, please contact us to confirm availability and suitability.

This course is open to all those who have successfully completed our Novice course or a similar training class. It is designed to help you problem solve, sharpen your dog’s responses, introduce some distance work and have some fun with agility. This class will help you start training your dog off-lead in a controlled environment.  We currently have a waiting list for this course, so email us if you have completed our Novice course or a similar course to put your name on the list!

We hope to see you soon.
Sarah & Lexy

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