Other websites that you may find interesting: - Your local canine rescue charity founded in 1995. Saving many 'Pound Dogs' due to be put to sleep by the council dog pounds. Please help. - These fantastic dog socialisation training groups help many different dogs to understand and communicate effectively with each other.  If your dog has a problem with other dogs, we highly recommend you contact them. - If your dog is lost, this website is invaluable - Fantastic website with many video clips and up to date information on dog training - Penel has years of experience photographing dogs and cats and always makes sure that the experience is as fabulous as the photos.  Why not capture your puppies cuteness whilst they are still young? - A fantastic charity which works with council dog pounds saving dogs from being put to sleep 7 days after being found by finding spaces in rescue kennels - A UK website raising awareness of breed specific legislation - Campaigns against the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 - A site for all those involved in dog rescue or anyone considering homing a rescue - Small welsh rescue with dogs fostered all over the UK, please help if you can - Bloat awareness group - every dog owner should be aware of the signs and symptoms of bloat - Crash tested car dog crates / cage

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